811s erasing data

Hi everyone… just joined! :bigsmile:

I’ve got kind of a strange problem… my 811s (HS0K) has recently started to erase data in 2 spots on my discs (Arita DVD+R 4x RICOHJPN R01). I have used the same discs for quite awhile now and within the past few weeks it has started to leave those 2 marks. I’m using Nero and burning at 8x. At first I thought it was a heat issue with the drive but it seems to only leave the 2 marks on the first burn, after the first burn the marks slowly fade away with each new disc (burning one after the other). It’s really starting to annoy me having a disc get destroyed when I first start to burn… they have been good discs up till now. Any suggestions?

almost forgot… the 2 marks are at the same exact spot on each disc