811s can't do the Leadout

Drive Type = DVD DUAL
Disc Type = DVD-R (Single Layer)
Disc MID = 50 52 4F 44 49 53 (PRODIS)
Disc TID = 00 04 43 47 30 31 (…CG01)
Nominal Capacity = 4.38GB
Manufacturer Maybe = Prodisc Technology Inc.
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 2.0X (Write)

of 6 burning attempt, only 1 was succesful, 4 was failed only the LeadOut (i was able to read the disk using other non writing dvd-rom) and the other 1 was really screwed.

i am using nero 6 ultra edition

any hints as how to prevent my coaster production?

any hints as how to prevent my coaster production?

Better media. :wink:

Nero was doing some strange nonsense on my 811 (nee 401) as well…unexpected reboots in the middle of a burn, taking a nap 99% into the burn, etc. Oddly enough, they all were still readable.

is it a software issue? have tried with roxio? i can’t use sonic mydvd… it’s screws my windows xp…

Ive had the same issue… Try using the latest version of Nero…

Originally posted by Hypnosis4U2NV
Ive had the same issue… Try using the latest version of Nero…

have you tried burning with did it help?

I have the same problem.

Media Ritek G04 burn with Nero

I’is the same result whith 3 differents firrmware

Any idea ?


Same here… :frowning:

I was able to burn successfully… what i did was…

create an image first… then burn that image using clonedvd or any other s/w which doesn’t do lead out since, it writes everything as is…

try it out…

Thanks for that it’s worth a try… :iagree:

Bit of a cop out for Nero tho’ it’s “supposed” to be one of the best… anyone got any other ideas on what software cops ok with Liteons for compiling CD’s??




This burner has significiant problems with burning of DVD-R media. Some guys have the luck and they can find the right media but I didn’t. I just stick to DVD+R (but then you might ask why not to buy only DVD+R burner - and this is very good question:p ).
I have offered the remainings of my -R experiments to my friend who has Pioneer A06 and was able to burn them all without any problems:confused: on their max speed 4x.

Welcome to the the club,

Most of the times (if not all), coasters are due to media / burner (and respective firmware) combinations and not due to software used to burn the dvd.
It may happen, but it is very unlikely.

Originally posted by Tricky_Luck
[B]Thanks for that it’s worth a try… :iagree:

Bit of a cop out for Nero tho’ it’s “supposed” to be one of the best… anyone got any other ideas on what software cops ok with Liteons for compiling CD’s??


Tricky [/B]

yep nero should one of the best… but there must be a reason lite-on shipped their drives with sonic… and not with nero… they must be having problems… maybe…

If the 811s is as picky as the 411s when it comes to -R media, then I would suggest, that the media you are using are the problem. If I put one of the GoTech DVD-R (AN30) I bought some time ago in the drive, I get the same problem. When it’s about to write the leadout, the software (CloneDVD and CopyToDVD) just sit’s there and does sweet FA.


Hummm… sorry to go on but I hope this is helpful to someone else and you can help me make a decision on a matter that may see me banished to the depths of hell by my family… :a

Must admit I have had my Lite-on 411 for a while now and posted here when I first had it as I had problems with the DVD-R media.

Being a newbie at the issue, well I was a while back, I went to the local computer fair and bought 50 Datawrite Red (V2) DVD-R and wasn’t able to write one cleanly.

Some people recommended that I took it back to the shop, which I did, but because I hadn’t got the bits of packing that held the DVD-R in the box (as I was now using it for CD Storage!!) they wouldn’t take it back.

It still :confused: the hell out of me why some people on the forum say that they have no problems with this unit. I understand that it can be the media, but why do I have to buy more expensive media to match the drive when the Pioneer will do everything everytime (so I’ve heared)

My parents are now looking at buying a DVD Writer and I have recommended the Pioneer as he does a lot of movie capture and needs full comptibility across the range. Now the Pioneer is an A107 I can’t seem to get hold of the 106, and the 107 is around 125 pounds and the Liteon 851 is about 80-90 so he want’s to go for the Liteon. Obviously DVD-R is supposed to be more compatible with DVD Players am I going to be back at square one?

So, do I take the risk of putting the Liteon 851 in their machine or will I not be a popular person. I am hoping that the issues have all been resolved and I’m not entirley happy that Liteon haven’t just admitted there is a problem and replace the drives for something that works, yes I know it would cost them a bundle but there is nothing like bad press to make people move away from them , as I had always been a Liteon fan until now.:frowning:

So currently my 411 sits in my machine unused :eek: and I have tried cable (40/80) UDMA TAPI drivers Primary Secondary One hard disk and the 411s, tried the sense data program but I can’t even get it sense the data, put a blank DVD-R disk in and the system freezes, even with the media that came with the DRIVE! it did write the DVD-RW but with this lead-in lead-out problem, still don’t know how people have this working (except for forking out on expensive media) now I have a box of about 40 Datawrite that seem to be Datawrong for this drive.

Hope you can help out oh Liteon Gods :bow:



(oh and sorry for mentioning the “other brand” in your forum )


well actually… i had my liteon 411s replaced… bcoz it can’t read a DVD movie… so i sense that is has problems…

when i put in a dvd, dvd+ or dvd- or even original dvd software it takes it around 60 secs to read…

and when i played a movie on it… it can’t read a part of the movie… so i brought the dvd-movie… and headed back to the store…

and there i had it replaced :smiley:

i was able to burn DVD-RW… but i still haven’t got the guts to try it on dvd-r…

but if anyone is interested in eeprom of this drive… i can email it to you… you can try it on…

but backup your eeprom first… so that you can always go back… REMEMBER TO BACKUP

programming eeprom and firmware are safe… i’ve done it over and over … just remember to backup

Originally posted by Tricky_Luck
Obviously DVD-R is supposed to be more compatible with DVD Players am I going to be back at square one?

The compatibility is not really too much of an issue nowadays. Not long ago, I read somewhere, that about 97% of all stand alone players play DVD-R and about 93% take +R. The difference is not really that big and so far, I haven’t seen a player that doesn’t like +R.

I used to have some problems with the 411s myself but many of them were Hardware related and since I modernised my PC, most problems have disappeared. What’s left is mainly, that the drive is very picky when it comes to -R media. The Pioneer writer may be more open to cheaper media, but is it really a good idea to buy the cheap stuff? Will the DVDs still be readable in 6 months time? Just have a look at CD-Rs. If you buy ElCheapos, they won’t play properly in the car, after a few months they won’t play in the stereo system at home and shortly after that, even the burner that wrote them can’t read them anymore. I suppose the same can/will happen with cheap DVDs.


I’m never going to buy those crappy Datawrite Red V2 DVD-R’s again. My Lite-On LDW811 managed to write 1 (the first I tried) but then all others failed while writing the lead out. My Pioneer 105 does an exellent job, because it will write to these crappy discs. Oh well, only 100 to go…:S

Thanks for the info, just to give you guys an update I finally am using my 411.

I took the advice of someone else on the forum and used the Sonic software that came with my DVD drive rather than Nero (which seems ok but won’t write the lead-outs) and a few others have this problem, guess thats why they bundled Sonic!!

When I installed the Sonic software it seems to have installed something called DLA, it enables or disables direct access to the drive and I currently have this turned on. If you right click on the DVD drive within My Computer you can see it there.

No more 60 second plus waits for the disk, no more crashing, works a treat, and the Sonic software isn’t half bad once you get used to it… nice little tip… if you are going to write to a DVD don’t put the DVD in the drive first, wait for the software to ask for it, this also reduces the time taken to read the disk.

I have used all of the Datawrite Red (V2) using this software without any problems, maybe it was me all this time…

Hope this helps you guys out.


Tricky :stuck_out_tongue: