811S Burning Trouble

I have some PioData DVD-R 4x, which when I check says they are made by CMC Magnetics. When I burn a DVD using Nero it burns fine, but then when I do a data verification straight after burning it comes up with loads of errors.

When I do a movie on a DVD it will only play for a few chapters as well, before skipping about and then my DVD player telling me I’ve got a dirty disc in. I’ve also noticed that when I try copying a DVD that i’ve burned myself, it won’t allow me to copy them, due to finding errors. Even though they’re not scratched or dirty.

The media wasn’t ultra cheap either.

Any help? :slight_smile:

my 811 has the same problem -r very bad [even the -r dvd that came with the retailbox brand liteon !!] +r better [ricoh] tried al f\w


I have a LiteOn and noticed that using different types of media (different brands) sometimes works best. I regained some faults like that.

My 811s is very media picky. I’ve found best results with Datasafe -R media X4 which is Ricoh G04.

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In general Liteon drives do not really like -R media. My modded 411 still got some good results with verbatim TYG01 media. You will get better results using good +R media like RicohJpn R01.
Scan your last burnded disk with KProbe 2.4.2. Use the BLER test at 4x reading speed. Save the scan image while the dvd is still inserted with the disk button on the window top as .png file and attach it to a post using the forum Manage Attachments button. This will give us infos about the burning quality, firmware revision and exact media code.

Here same problem with all vers. of f/w. :frowning: Burning problems no mather the Blank is + or -, or @ low price & quality or good quality & expansive price :frowning: . I say: “In general Liteon drives do not really like any +R, -R media.”:a . Only god know what media like Lite-On drives (I tryed almost every media what I found here (ROMANIA), because here is not expansive blank DVD’s from min.0,20$-max.0,40$/blank and en gros 100 blanks only @ 0.10$-0,20$. (Verbatim, Ricoh, TDK, Sony, are more expansive here, and Princo, Digittex, BulkPack’s @ low price like first 4
I think that only the luck can help us with this 811s spookie DVD-writers. I tryed all things (including Omnipatcher) what I heard but same problems but not with all media (ex: 2 Princo DVD-R 4x blank burned well and in the same DVD-pack, 1 Princo DVD-R 4x blank burned with errors, and from this with error only the last part writted is bad, from 6 avi I could read only the first 5 of how was writted). :sad:
So I think only when I change my DVD-Writter, I escape from this "BURNING HELL :a ". Or am I wrong? :confused:

When it comes to the LiteOn writers and especially the 11S series you have to use media like the ones listed in your post, as the more expensive media. With this media the 811S can produce excellent results. I guess you have to weigh up how many coasters you have to create before it would have been more cost effective to buy the more expensive media anyway. :wink:

In the defence of the LiteOn, Digitrex media :Z won’t even burn well in the NEC 3500A…

Here’s a scan of a Datasafe RitekG04, burned with Alcohol 120% with HS0E firmware on the Liteon 811s. I defy anyone to say this is not good!

Yep, an excellent burn and a good batch of RITEKG04. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not all G04 burns like this now. :wink:

Not bad, PIs a little high for my liking. Doubt you will get those consistantly with different batches of RITEKS though.

Evola what fw are you using? my 811 likes the hsok i have tryed all the others and this one preforms the best

I’ve already wasted 5 dvds including 2 taioys tring to back up xbox games with my 401S@811S >_<

Here is a scan a more recent DVD I burned.

LiteOn…811S…DVD-R…CMC. Probably one the worst combinations you can have, to get a good burn, except maybe the media could be worse.

You really have to feed an 811S good media like Prodisc and Ricoh, and your better off with +R media, with the booktype set to -ROM. :wink:

Also you might want to try rescanning at 4x, which is the cdfreaks standard for comparison.

I gutta say yea that is a suck burn

LDW-811s, FW HS0R unpatched, KProbe 1.1.28

:slight_smile: Hi Evola and all others! :cool:

There is a strange phenomenon, I have discovered:

When I burn a RICOHJPN DVD+R (4x) at 8x with Nero, at 4x read speed (using KProbe ECC 8) I get results of PI max. 451 PO max. also terrible and average values inconsiderable for ANY kind of data storage. :Z

If I set read speed to 2x (actually used is 2.36x), then I get PI/PO max. 21/5 and PI/PO avrg. 3.078/0.009 !!! :iagree: Very good!

My question: Is it typical for PI/PO errors to drop that drastically by reducing read speed??? And: will the data be lost in 50 days (first media test) or in 50 years (second test)???

Anybody an answer? :confused:

PS: Sorry for the old KProbe version; I hope the values are comparable… I will get the brand new version right now :smiley: !!

Here are the new KProbe 2.4.2 values. Sorry about wasting forum space…

Comparing them it seems: The values at 4x read speed are not as bad as with KP1, but the disc is marginal. I guess the data won’t be safe for very long, will it?

At 2.4x read speed the results are still very good. Fine data safety?

Question still remains: Is the dramatic difference typical for 4x/2.4x read speed change? In the end I am interested in data safety, not in maximum performance…

Yes is is normal. The lower the read speed the less the errors.

I’d recommend that you try HS0K with that media. You should get much better results. :wink:

You are ok the disc is really Very good and you will have the copy, also after you burn a few the burrner wil “learn” the disc and will be better(thro that one is still good)

And here goes another one, after updating the device with Omnipatcher patched HS0R (all recommended patches + auto bit setting + dead drive blink (without earlier shift!)).

Does this make any sense?

I guess I will downdate to (unpatched) HS0K as you said… Where can I find a list, which FW works best with which media? S**t, I spend so much money on the drive and now there’s only trouble in getting durable quality burns… What did I buy it for, if not for data storage???