811S being sold as 851S?

Is it a common practice for vendors to sell/ship LDW-811S drives as LDW-851S? I ask because I purchased what I thought would be an 851S from an online vendor. When I got the drive the label, and Nero Info Tool said it was an 811S. I feel like I’ve been somewhat swindled by the whole thing, and now it this vendor is avoiding my questions.

Anyhow, I’ve ended up ordering an 812S from another vendor, which happens to be cheaper. I also hear that the 812S is a bit better, and it appears to be newer. I guess I’m somewhat glad this whole fiasco happened because in the end I’ll end up with what I hope is a better drive.

So, is it common for the 811S to be shipped as an 851S?

So, is it common for the 811S to be shipped as an 851S?

Unfortunately, yes. NewEgg does this with the OEM drives, but they clearly disclose up front that you could get either one.

If it was sold as a 851, you should get your money back.

I can say that I did order the 812S from NewEgg, and I should have gone there first. I do see that they list the 811S and the 851S together.

However, the other vendor states that it is a 851S and an 851S only. I guess that’s what I get for not doing my research.

Best Buy just puts “4x DVD Burner” on the front of the box, you don’t know for SURE what it is unless there’s a little sticker on the outside or you open the case. shrug

But sadly yeah this is a growing practice, as models get discontinued so rapidly. Let’s face it, lifespan of a DVD drive model nowadays is measured in weeks sometimes.

  • Gurm

Yea, it’s quite sad and misleading. I obviously wanted the 851S for a specific reason! :wink:

But, after I figured I could get the 812S for cheaper, and it can be “upgraded” for the same reason I wanted the 851S I was a happy man.

You just want a cheap 832S out of the deal. Can’t say that I blame you, I’m looking at an “832S” right now that started life as an 851S. My friend has a nice 832S that started life as a 451S, and my other friend has an 811S that used to be a 401S, so we’re all happy Liteon people.

  • Gurm

The 812 is a proven performer. For a similar price you can get a 1213 which will soon be upgradable to a DL 16x, but it’s something of a risk as far as burn quality goes, and might take a while to get “tuned up”.

You are correct. Why should I spend $80+ for a drive that I can get for $60? It’s a no brainer to me!

… and I do happen to like Lite-On… I’ve been using their CD-RW drives for years!

Glad to see that LiteOn is getting their act together lately. They were formidable in cdrw drives, now their last dvd drives seem really great. The exception is the 1213S which still seems to need a firmware tuneup.

I think that’s an understatement… it doesn’t need a tuneup–it needs an overhaul of its faster-than-8x burning.