811S + Auto-Bitsetting = Problem


i have patched the FW HSOQ with the new omnipatcher to activate the Auto-Bitsetting-Feature.

After I burn a Data DVD+R, DVDInfo Pro shows DVD-Rom. All okay.

The problem is that my Pioneer DVD120S can’t read the DVD. But there isn’t a problem with my old Pioneer DVD106S. This drive (and of course the burner) reads the DVD korrekt.

I have used Nero, Nero and Sonics MyDVD.

You think that the problem has something to do with Auto Bitsetting? It does not.

The problem is with the Pioneer DVD-120S.

If i burn the DVD+r as a DVD+r (not DVD-Rom) the 120S has no Problem to read the disc.

Do you can confirm that the DVD120S has a problem with DVD+R(W)s which are set to DVD-Rom? Is this a FW or Hardware problem?

Then the problem is with bitsetting in general. If bitsetting makes things worse for your Pioneer, then don’t use it.

Is there the opportunitie to flash the Pioneer DVD120S with the Firmware of the Pioneer DVD121S? Or are these drives to different?

They are different.

Are there infos about the Pioneer DVD121S? Have someone this drive? And when is it available in germany?

I had similar strange bitsetting issues with my 811s. My Toshiba SD-M 1612 could not read any DVD+RW with DVD-Rom booktype. DVD+RW booktype worked flawlessly.

When I burn exactly the same DVD+RWs in my NEC ND-2500 and set DVD-Rom booktype, my SD-M 1612 reads them perfectly.

So a very, very strange booktype issue which occurs only in some cases. I have no explanation for that.

This could be caused by the drive having different reading techniquest for each type of disc. Maybe a DVD+RW disc isn’t read quite as well when the drive thinks it’s a DVD-ROM. This is one of the complications with bitsetting… :frowning:

I have used bitsetting on a number of drives and so far <fingers crossed> they all helped reading on the drive that didnt like +R , I have found that setting +RW to ROM can in some cases for example my laptop make the +RW un-readable to the laptop’s cdrom/dvdrom reader. For this reason I never try to set a +RW to ROM but only do +R as ROM.

An interesting side note the nu tech 081/082 can bitset DVD-R to ROM using a trick with the leadin/out header but So far anytime i tried it with -R a drive that could read -R would not read the bitset -R.


I’ve got the same problem. I re-flashed back to the original HS0Q firmware and use Lite-On’s BookType Setting Utility to do it instead. No more problems for my Pioneer DVD-355 in reading my DVD+R as DVD-ROM.