811s and 6x vs 8x burns

I am using Ricoh media rated at 4x that smartburn indicates will burn at 8x…with speed modded HSOP or non modded HSOP

I have used DVD decrypter since I can burn at 6x or 8x when doing and movie iso.

I have 2 dvd players:
Samsung P721 and phillips 793(5 dvd changer)

I noticed that the Ricoh media burnt at 4x on my older NEC 1100A there are no issues in either dvd player

Got the 811s recently and have noticed the 8x burned ricoh are skipping in almost all cases in the Phillips player…same exact disc played in the samsung…no problems

Turning over the 8x burnt disc there are burn zones like on the cd media as the speed increases…also in many cases the 8x burn has light burned area near the edge of the disc as if the laser was weaker here then…more normal look at the very end/edge

many of my 8x burns have a zone change when increasing from 6x to 8x and then this light area…very hard to see near the end

Now the 6x burns have a smooth burn pattern with no speed change noted…these play fine in both player…zero skips

It seems to me the burn quality is marginal on the ricoh at 8x…especially when comparing to 6x(NEC 2500A only will burn these discs at 6x from reports)

Is this an issue purely media or is the laser just not burning strong enough at 8x hindering the reading…would a fw update be expected to improve something like this???

Also is HSOK a better fw …

I just ran a 6x burn…I had one skip late in the movie about 15 min before it ended otherwise perfect same movie had 8x was unwatchable on the Philips player…

so is it the laser in the the burner not producing a strong enough burn pattern??? or is the burn to “light” for the players laser to read smoothly???

my experience burning @8x on ricohjpnr01 is that it spikes a lot of times at the speed change from 4 to 6 and 6 to 8

they burn nicely at 4x though

811s @hsop burned at 4x 4gig movie ecc=8

I agree 4x is perfect from playing standpoint

I may be a bit unfair but if they are rated to 8x by Liteon I would expect better burn quality…otherwise limit them to 4x…

I also realize the player has alot to do with this issue but it seems the burning speed should be better controlled to avoid poor overall burns…

Looking at the under side of an 8x burn shows the zones but also on many dvd+r a light ring near theend of the disc…now this maybe seen on a borderline 4x disc written at 8x…I have no true 8x media to compare but would be very disappointed to see this ring with a 8x disc

I am disappointed by the quality performance of the 811s…seems Liteon could have done a bit better job…I bought 8x drive that I need to use at 4x…again maybe more media related

I too have had many Platinum +R (both 4x and 8x) not work correctly at 8x. I have both an 811s and an NEC 2500 and there’s nothing wrong with burns on the NEC, at 8x. They all work flawlessly.