811s@832s Slow burning, flashing red/orange

Hey I have been looking for thie problem in the forums but have come up empty. I apologize if this has already been covered elsewhere.

I have a an 811s that I put the 832s firmware on. I enabled the autobit, and the, earlier shift, shift fixing, anf Fix blinking orange light/enable cross-flashing using Omnipatcher. The firmware was originally the Liteon US0N firmware.

I am using DVD Shrink to burn a DVD all seems well and good until it actually starts burning. It starts and shows that it is burning at 8x but it is incredibly slow. Taking aproximately 35min to burn one disc with the LED flaching between Orange and Red fairly slowly. If I remember right out of box the burner LED was solid red when it was in the burning process.

Has anyone expirienced this “performance” problem?

I should also note that the burner is all by itself on a Promise Ultra 100 TX/2 add in IDE Controler card.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Erm, you mean 812S, not 811S, right? Because if it’s a 811S, your drive won’t even spin up, much less run into a buffer underrun problem. :wink:

This thread might help: [thread]94631[/thread]

You cannot use SOHW-832S firmware on an LDW-811S. Go back to an LDW-811S firmware.

Yep sorry got a little trigger happy, I have an 812s. I will see what I can find in that thread thanks.

I was just reading that thread. I am tring to figure out how to check and see if DMA is enabled on the Promise card. If I run Nero Info it reboots my PC, no bluescreen nothing, just reboots. Where can I check DMA on the Promise card? I can’t find where the ide channels for the Promise card are listed in the device manager.

I’ve tried putting my opticals on a promise Ultra 133 TX2 card and I found that the buffers never got a chance to fill up thus it kept my burning speeds down real low. My way to fix it is to put the opticals back onto the mainboards IDE channels and the HD’s on the promise card. Once I did that I had no burning problems.

That was it, switched the HD’s with the Burners and all is well with the world again… thanks for the help.