is anybody working on this idea cause dont think we will get 8x-4x dvd-r upgrade from lite-on when they are releasing the sohw 812s contacted them on upgrade still no ans yet can the 811s be done like other drives ive been reading about in other forums :smiley:

This direct upgrade will not work.

i hope that the 812 have a better write quali to dvd-r than the other liteon dvd writer!!

i think thats the reason of the other hardware!!

question is, are they both using same hardware?

Originally posted by Nuke209
question is, are they both using same hardware?


811@812 is not possible, however it may be possible for us to get 8x DVD-R capability on our 811s.
Please see this thread and follow the instructions:

thanx 4 the replies just thought if it could be done so its all up to lite-on to give us a upgrade 8xdvd-r i think they will make us wait a while until theyve sold enough 812s cause if there was a upgrade now everyone would buy a 811s and then upgrade it and not bother with the 812s
bombarded liteon with emails on upgrade all week after reading thread :smiley: