811(X) faultering on playback ~USB 2.0 tips~

I’ve had good luck with my Lite-On 811(external) for burning and it usually behaves okay for playback of DVD’s; for the most part.

My system is stable with memtest and prime95 and the fsb is @ 400mHZ

Every now and then I get faultering and spin down when watching a DVD, using both ATI Remote Wonder (mutlimedia center) or PowerDVD.

I don’t think this occurs when viewing dvd’s from the HD, it’s been a while but I will test that. Lately, watching has become a pain as the stuttering is becoming more frequent.

For a while I liked using Sonic Deluxe as an ISO burning tool but it would eventually stop burning with PX engine errors. SO I finally dumped it.

I can post a J. River Media Center driver list or Aida32 list once I get home. I am wondering if I have some audio or video drivers that need to be removed or updated etc. because of conflicts but I am not real up to date on this.

I bought a USB 2.0 PCI card that was rec. here; the ones using an NEC chip. I think it’s a Vantec.

I’'d like to tackle this from all aspects. But how does video playback work: does it get cached somewhere? Can I increase that cache or change location? My Raptor is 85% free and all software on the D drive which is getting somewhat full.

USB 2.0 has never been the piece of cake it has been touted to be, at least when I was using Sonic engine. Using Alcohol or Nero now I don’t get buffer underruns, but something fishy is going on. I did get one Nero error that said the drive was reset. Can it be locked down? Can A/V interfere? Any FAQ’s online with some indepth tweaks to stabilize USB 2.0?

I’d also like to hear a few recs. on a new burner, Lite-On external preferably. Is the new model up to snuff?

Dr. C:thumb: