811 the worse dvd writer

how crap can u get i swear this drive writes only good for dvd+r - media it hates man i never gonna buy a liteon dvd writer agian

Start using proper media then - +R is best :slight_smile:

Mine has been great.

This type of ranting isn’t really helpful or constructive.
If you post the details ( firmware/MID codes/burning software/Kprobe scans ) we might be able to help you.

mine did ok with -r and less well with +r

here is some tests with hs0p and hs0q.

now a couple of weeks ago i was probably as frustrated as you but i got better after picking up a nec 2500 (code will be here to MOD this post in just i sec i bet)

they are on sale this week for 49.99 AR at officemax or officemax.com

Yes, i also ordered a NEC 2500A cause i was so frustrated with my 811S…

I felt like you guys with my 811s, until I bought a 812s. I think Liteon should reimburse all us dissatisfied 811s owners. :bigsmile:

don’t forget all the 411 and 401 customers :slight_smile: actually tho i don’t think i would have ever spent as much time in these forums if it would have just plain worked (without all the drama) so i guess in a way it was beneficial. plus they wouldn’t really have much to pay me. i bought my 811 for 51.99, used it for almost 6 months and sold it for 20 (with a 10pk of dvds so you don’t think i totally ripped them off :slight_smile: )

i think i got my $32 out of it… dealing with that 811 really makes me appreciate my nec!

I have a Liteon 811s it worked great until i upgraded from K revision to Q (the latest). It stopped at 70% programing and since then The drive will only read DVDs and burn dvds, as for CDRs it cant/dosnt read or write to them. Its extermly frustrating cause the drive worked fine before. Ive even used Firmware flasher and flashed it to previeous posted versions. If anyone has a 811s can they send me a pM or something so i can get the BIN from you.


I’d agree that X11S is really suck :Z. Before I think it still useful as a reader (KProbe Scan) only not a very good writer but since I got 812S I don’t really know which one should I trust.