811 S, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RW - yes -, DVD+R, DVD-R - no -

Hi friends, since a few days I have a lot of problems with my 811 S.
Win2000, DMA on, Firmware DR8HS0Q, Nero 6…17, TMPGenc, Movie Factory … Never had any problems with burning DVD+R and DVD-R. In the last weeks I tested something with slideshows to burn on DVD. So I used all the time DVD+RW media. Two days before, I wanted to burn something for a friend onto a DVD+R (Memorex), but it fails. The red LED flickers one time, Nero shows - Lead in - and the LED turned to orange. There was no possibility to burn the DVD+R. I have tested this five times, also with DVD-R (Memorex) and DVD+R (Tevion). All the same. When I insert a CD-R/RW, or a DVD+RW/-RW the burner burns without any problem.
Every time, when I use DVD+R/-R the DVD will be destroyed. Nero has needed 29 hours to burn to 100 %, the media has been written, but it could not be read.
I am now reading for a lot of hours in severel communities, but no one could give me a right answer to fix this problem.

Do you mean, that the burn-unit is defect?

Or what shall I do?

Thank you from a frusted user from Germany

T. :sad:

Are you absolutely sure that DMA is on?

Yes of course, but I will check it once more in the evening. It must be on, because the other media will be burned. Or is there any difference? The DVD+RW will be burned in 12 minutes.

You are probably right. I was just surprised when I saw that it took so many hours to write a dvd.

Do you have any chance of trying your drive in another computer (preferably freshly installed)? This way you can rule out software problems.

Yes, a friend has the same burner. So I have to test my burner with his computer. What´s about the book type? Last week I have changed the booktype of a DVD+RW to DVD-ROM. Is this programmed in the firmware or will this setting be automaticly canceled, when I change the media? Could this be the error?

Now I am totally confused. The DVD+R I have burned in 29 hours, and the DVD+R I have burned today in 5 hours are both readable in normal DVD-Player and computer DVD-Player.
I have install ASPI 4.71 Driver and I was quiet happy, that I can play the DVD. So I have started a burning once again and ------- the same shit like before.
P.S.: DMA is enabled.


I had a similar problem burning DVD-R. I downloaded the HS0Q firmware then used omnipatcher to set the faster read, auto-bitsetting, and faster +R burn, then I updated my 811S, afterwards when I tried to burn -R, the red light stayed on and dvddecrypter status showed it was burning the lead-in. I waited for about 20min then stopped it. It burned half of the DVD. Don’t know what happened. Now I went back to HS0K patched with faster read, auto-bitsetting, and faster +R burn. Now my +R burns are good but -R can’t be read in my JVC dvd player.

Tripstrilles, did you try the drive in another computer?

Sorry for the late answer. Yes I have tried it in another computer. There it works fine. It seams, I have to uninstall all burning software I have, include cleaning registry and install all once again.
Thank you for your help.


I have a similar problem : sony dw-u18a with US0N Omnipatched only auto-bitsetting.
I can´t burn DVD-R at any speed, i try with verbatim datalife plus at 2,4x and decrypter shows me an error writing lead-in.
DVD+R / DVD+RW / DVD-RW works fine.
Anyone knows how fix it?