811 problems - Always says "Device Not ready"

Hey all, just found these fourms while looking for help with my 811S drive. Looks like a lot of people have problems with it so I was hoping to get some help here. The drive burns DVDs well enough at 2.4x, I just made a new one a few hours ago. The problem comes when I try and use things like retail DVDs or CDs in the drive. I double click on the drive in the “My Computer” section and it’s just blank, even if it’s one of my DVDs that I burned with the same drive and only has data on it. When I try to use DVD Shrink to access a DVD I get an error there saying that there is no disc in the drive and when I try to use BS player to open a video file from the disc it can’t see any of the files (and this was after upgrading to HS0Q, before I could at least play files from the discs). I’m running on a P3 800 MHz, 500 MB RAM, Win XP Pro SP1 with latest updates. Thanks for any help!