811 Memorex DVD-R 8X

Hi to all.
I’ve a ugly alwful 811 (could I wait to buy it 1 year ago?)
the media I’ve always used were Memorex DVD-R 4X, always perfect.
Now I can’t find them more, I can find only Memorex DVD-R 8X.
The fact is that I’ve found a good offer on ebay, I must buy 100 DVD.
Does somebody know if they perform like 4X? can I write them at 4X with no problem??? or I have to use that tool I’ve seen (omnipatcher or so)?
all info are welcome. :slight_smile: thank u!

The 811S firmwares are very outdated in terms of firmware. They do not support most of the 8x -R media codes on the market, and thus will try to burn them with a generic write strat (translation: bad results). You will most likely get very poor results with 8x -R on this drive.

just a curiousity:
and if with omnipatcher I say that that DVD 8X code must be burned like a Memorex 4X what happends? still same results like 4X or nothing change?

You can do that. And you may get good results. But OP can’t do it; you’ll have to manually do it with a hex editor. OP can work only with media codes recognized by the firmware. The problem is that the 811S can’t recognize most 8x -R codes, which is why the burn quality is bad because failure to recognize means that the drive will use a generic strategy. So the only way around this is to manually edit the firmware so that the drive can recognize 8x -R codes and then use OP to switch the strategy to an existing 4x -R strat.

Unless you’re comfortable with manually editing a firmware with a hex editor, I would not recommend this.