811 2.4 speed for RW DVD?



Having a great experience with DVD burner so far, but tonight I placed a RW +4 DVD in the drive and NERO will only urn it at 2.4??

I thought it was 4X RW?

thanks and please advise…


Is the media rated for 4x?
Download SmartBurn (check Tools guide in my sig) and it will tell you the maximum supported burn speed on that media.
If it’s 2.4x then you will be burning at 2.4x, if it says 4x however let us know.


Thanks! Well, sure enough, is said max speed 2.4.

Hmmffffff, must be a bad one, or mislabeled…

It was one of 6 Memorex RW DVD’s. Wasn’t paying attention to the others, but I think they where 4x.

Glad to know my burners fine.

Thanks for the tool.

Also, the DVD is labeled Memorex RW +4 RW…