810i intel chipset MB - Max HDD support

My system configuration is
P III 550E,
256MB SD Ram(2 x 128),
20GB HDD, 17.4GB HDD,
Mercury 810i Intel Chipset Motherboard.

I would like to know what is the Maximum Capacity Hard Disk can my Motherboard support. I want to remove the existing HDD and connect a 80GB HDD.


I’m using an 80GB on 815, and have a my sister has a 40GB on an 810. Check your board manufacturer’s website, usually the BIOS updates add bigger HD support.

I’m using a 100GB on an ABIT SE6 (815E) chipset. A good probability is the limit approximately 120GB (don’t quote me on this number) if you have the 810 chipset.

For example, the ABIT SE6 with BIOS release of SE67Y, it adds Support up to 137GB HDD and above.

As BadReligionPR, check with your mobo manufacturer for a BIOS update which may provide support for hard drives with larger capacity.