810A to 1640 misflash?

hi, i think i may have misflashed my drive…i used the WinDWFlash tool with 47P9.CVT :doh:…after that, my drive light would stay on and i wasnt able to eject the tray. after that i restarted and then used the official sony 1.0d firmware. i then used the BQflasher w/ the official BSOB fw from the BENQ site. it says that the flash is succesful, but whenever a dvd is in the drive, the light will always stay on, even if im not accessing the dvd…any ideas? Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

also, for some reason, i can only burn 12x on 16x media (RICOHJPN R03)

I don’t think you had a bad flash. If you did, the drive would probably not work at all.

The light is supposed to stay on with a disk inserted in the 1640.

As far as your not being able to burn your 16x media @ 16x I can only imagine that it’s a firmware issue. You could try turning on the overspeeding option in Qsuite and see if that allows you to burn @ 16x.

Hi :slight_smile:
If you really have flashed a 810 with 47P9.cvt f/w then your lucky to get any result. This f/w is intended for a BenQ 162I. See here.
1640 f/w list.

well thats a relief :stuck_out_tongue:

hm…overspeed was on, but is it needed if im trying to burn media at the recommended speed? Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

lol…ya i realized it too late :o…so the light is supposed to be on rite?, but how would i be able to write at full speed on media? Thanks

Hi :slight_smile:
You might be lucky in that the f/w is for external drives primarily. This could mean that a crossflash to a true 1640 or 164B (external 1640) may be possible. The advantage of this of course is SB/OS via QSuite. As the f/w now in your ‘BenQ’ is BenQ f/w, you should be able to crossflash using Quikee’s BQFlasher along with .exe files. If your stuck in the current situation then MCSE & strat swapping might be the way to go.

well, i only started burning after the ‘successful’ flash using the BQflasher w/ the official fw from the BENQ site. is there a need to swap media?..b/c the pdf file that comes along w/ the fw says that it can write RICOHJPN R03 @ 16x. Thanks again for the reply. :slight_smile: any other thoughts?

Hi :slight_smile:
Firstly what is the actual current f/w? If it is 1640 f/w that supports SB/OS & if so are these enabled or disabled?
If SB is enabled, this may be the reason why you’re restricted to 12x instead of 16x.
If SB enabled but OS is disabled. Try enabling OS.

the fw im using is the BSOB fw. is it possible to have SB off when OS is on? thanks again for the reply. :slight_smile:

also i get different info from the DVD:

shouldnt the above information match no matter what drive reads it?(i noticed that one says, under ‘RAW DATA’ heading, ADIP info, whereas the other is what im used to seeing (Physical format info). Thanks

any reason why it shows ‘ADIP Information’ under the ‘RAW DATA’ heading?, thanks :slight_smile:

is the ‘ADIP information’ specific to BENQ drives?, b/c i’ve only seen ‘Physical Data information’ on my LiteONs. thanks in advance :slight_smile:

No, any drive can read ADIP (prerecorded information on disc).

Back to your YUDE000-T03 “problem”. Do you use QSuite? If not you’ll find it at BenQ site.
In QSuite make sure SolidBurn for known media is not enabled. If this doesn’t help, clean learned media and try again.
Reflashing the drive might also help.

is it possible to have SB off for known media w/ overspeed on?..b/c the settings wont allow me to do this. thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

No, it’s not possible.

If nothing above works, you can try a burn with WOPC disabled and see what happens.
Have you tried earlier firmware like BSLB.

hm…have u found BSLB to be better than BSOB? thanks again :slight_smile:

ic, but why isnt the mediacode displayed? thanks :slight_smile: