80min cdrw not working in car

hi people i have just got a new lot of memorex 12x 80 min cdrw that do not play in my car but play in dvd player and kids cheepo portable stereo. my memorex 4x 74 mins play in the car without any problems …any ideas please

Memorex switch manufacturers often. You probobly got one of their worse manufacturers.

Many car players will not accept RW discs OR 80 min discs. You can try burning only 74 min and see if it works, but it’s not likely.

thanks for the reply . I will try the memorex cdrw with only one track i have also found a traxdata 80 min cdrw which i will also try with a track

i tried a single track on the memorex 80 min cdrw still did not work. Tried the same track on the traxdata 80 min cdrw i found at the back af a drawer and it worked fine in the car cd anyone any idea why or do i dump memorex for another brand of cdrw if so which

Try TY(Fuji) or Verbatim CDR’s, the darker dye works with more audio players. It may never read CDR’s you just have to try it and see.