807MB source too big

I am trying to copy an audio cd with nero express tells me there isn’t enough room. My disc is the FujiFilm 800MB by Taiyo. My drive is Liteon 48246S w/SSOE firmware. Unfortunately, the disc is a symphony so I can’t just cut out the last track (it has 28). Is there anyway to even try to burn 807MB onto the disc? Is there other stuff (ie space between tracks) that I can take out or use portions of the disc that earmarked for something else to reduce my disc size, and if so, how?

Try to overburn the cd… it´s risky and i dont know if your burner can do it…

When burning audio, it is the length of the music which will let you know if it will fit on a blank disc. Place the original cd in ordinary cd player or you computer and find what the total time is. As long as the disk is under 80 mins, you should be able to copy to your disc with no problems. Even if the original is slightly over (i doubt it), blank cd-r’s can usually be overburned to ~82 mins safely.

The reason that the audio data is taking up more that 700 MB of data on the disk is because the correction code for data cd’s takes up a considerable amount of disk space while it doesn’t in the case of an audio cd.

I just looked @ the size of one of my cd’s.

Length: 79 mins 17 seconds
Size: 801 MB

So 807 is probably right around 79 mins 52 secs. Which just fits!

If you do need to overburn, which it sounds like b/c nero never gives me that warning unless I need to, you need to go to the preferences in nero and turn overburning on. I am not sure where this is in express as I only use burning rom, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Once you have found it, go to expert features, check the box which enables overburning and set the max to around 82 mins. When you try and copy the disk, nero will still give you the warning, but just click ok and the burn should be sucessful unless the original is damaged.

I do not consider overburning risky, I have overburned hundreds of disks with all of my burners and have never damaged anything. Although it must be said I did get too greedy on a few and got coasters b/c not all the data would fit. I have found that 82 mins or less should fit on just about any 80 min cd-r. I am almost 100% sure your drive will overburn. To test your drive ability to overburn, go to the nero toolkit under the start menu and open cd/dvdspeed. Put a blank disk in and choose the overburning test under the extra menu, click start and the drive will will simulate a burn that tests the max for that particular disk. Depending on what speed you select, the test will take a few mins to finish. Leave the test capacity @ 89 mins.

Let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:

The Nero Burning ROM does not work for me on this drive, only the Nero Express. The reason is that the software was for my Sony CRX300A which just died. I subbed this burner in, the Burning ROM does not allow me to use it, recognizes that it is not the Sony. For some reason, the Nero Express does work. Do any freeware programs also offer this “overburn” feature. I have freeburner and eac installed, but have never used them, have used eac to extract, though.

From Nero’s website:

Enable overburning in Nero’s ´File --> Preferences --> Expert Features´ (if you use Nero Express, do so from ´More --> Configure --> Expert Features´) and deactivate/disable ´Check for correct disc format´ from within Nero´s ´Files --> Preferences --> General´ (or from within Nero Expresss ´More --> Configure --> General settings´).

If you enable overburning in ´Expert Features´, you should use the settings below, based on the size of media you are working with:

For 80 min media set to 82:00
For 90 min media set to 89:30
For 99 min media set to 99:54:74

Great! I’ll post on how things turned out. Thanks again.