805mb on a 700mb CD!?!

I just finished burning an SVCD to a 700mb/80min disc.

I used DVD2SVCD and CCE to go from the original DivX - in CCE I specified on the bitrate tab to use 2 discs if the movies was between (1 hour and 1 hour 25 mins - not sure if that was the exact band but you get the picture) - the movie is 1hour 11 mins …

… so I get the final bbMPEG_Muxed_File00.mpg and it is 794mb!!!

So I think - this won’t go an a disc - but what the hell - I give it a go - using VCDeasy I burn it - low and behold it appears to fit on - and even increases to 805mb!

Now - my question is this - when I watch this movie (the quality of which I am sure is fine as I’ve watched the first 5 mins) - am I going to be missing something at the end etc? Or are the file sizes just messed up with conversion this way?

Also - why did I end up with just 1 bbMPEG_Muxed_File00.mpg? Surely, the bitrate setting on CCE should have outputted me 2 to burn?

Hope someone can help out on this.

not sure what kind of burner you have, or if it supports overburning, but as far as burning svcds to cds, the trick is this:

for 74 and 80 minutes cds, the number of megabytes you can fit is equal to ten times the minutes. so for a 74 minute cd, 740 mb and for an 80 minute cd, 800 mb.

to answer your question, when watching the movie, a part at the end should not be missing.

Video CDs and Audio CDs don’t use C3 forward error correction for its content, thus giving extra room for content.

A data CD is calculated at 150k per second and Audio/VCDs are calculated at 172k per second.

Using a calculater for data CDs :wink: -
74min CD - 150k x 60 seconds x 74 minutes = 666,000k or 650.4MB
80min CD - 150k x 60 seconds x 80 minutes = 720,000k or 703.1MB

Now Audio and (Super) Video CDs -
74min CD - 172k x 60 seconds x 74 minutes = 763,680k or 745.8MB
80min CD - 172k x 60 seconds x 80 minutes = 825,600k or 806.3MB

I read a while back about an article mentioning about developing a CD standard for storing DivX using the same method as Audio & Video CDs in order to store larger DivX movies, thus handling better quality/longer films while sacraficing error correction information.

my movie turned out to be 805mb - for once - when trying to burn something to a disk - i got lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

Why DVD2SVCD only made 1 mpg file for you also depends on the actual min & max bitrates you entered in the Bitrate tab.

Can you post your dvd2svcd_log.txt file ?