8047 Sound out of sync

Ripped 3 DVD’s to my desktop as ISO then loaded the ISO to rip to DivX with original audio. I set the quality so that each movie was around the 2 - 2.5GB mark. Encoding was software only and all movies encoded in around 3 hours.

Picture quality is really good however after a few mins or if I fast forward the sound is out of sync.

Is this a problem with the beta or something I’m doing. Only time I have had sync problems in the past is when encoding to wmv for xbox.



I have never done a conversion to DivX using DVDFab and was going to to test it out, however when I select DVD Ripper I don’t see DivX listed :confused: which mobile device do I need to select so I can select the DivX profile?

DVD Ripper -> Generic -> Profile generic.avi.divx.audiocopy

Is what I used.

I did a two pass encode.


OK I did a conversion and I don’t have the issue at all :confused:, course I did not convert an ISO.