800MB with 52327s

First of all, hello, I’m new in this forum.
I’m using a 52327s wit o9 firmware in an win2k system.
My problem is, whenever I insert a 800MB disc, the recorder produces rattling noises and does’nt do anything at all.
I’m from Germany, so most of you won’t know the CD brands I use, nevertheless, I tried Platinum and Intenso, both to no avail.
I’m burning using Nero burning rom .
What am I doing wrong?


PS: I tried the search function, but didn’t find anything helpful.

Welcome to the forum!

Not sure if it will matter, but do you have overburning enabled in Nero? We know there’s some sort of overburning bug in Nero-6.

also look here

Thanks, I’ll give it a try. What burning software do you recommend? I’m doing mainly data-burning, some images, too.

Nero 5.5 is still preferred. V-6 is mostly the same program, but there’s so much extra stuff added on that the bugs have not been worked out yet. I don’t have any 800MB discs to play with, or I’d try it here. But I have no trouble overburning 700MB discs.

No avail :frowning:
Has anybody ever burned 800MB discs wit the 52327s?

Originally posted by PzGren
Has anybody ever burned 800MB discs wit the 52327s?

I have: Philips/RiTEK 90min 800Mb

It’s possible the media you are using is just too poor quality to work. If you get a lot of rattling/seeking noises then likely the drive is unable to follow the tracks on the disc…