800mb media



were can i get 800mb media, can i just find it sitting on some store shelf or do i have to order it from some website. i need to know because cds are a rip off here in brazil and when i go back to the us (2 weeks) i dont want to spend all my time looking for the cds


you should be able to get them straight off the shelf - but if Brazil is anything like the UK you will get ripped off…

I don’t know if there are any mail order companies in Brazil???

you would probably be better off going for one of those - but make sure it’s reputable.

Mr C


looking around i actualy found some 800mb cds, only 3 and for a far to high price, haveing actualy lived in the UK myself i’m used to waiting 6 to 12 months to go back to the us to buy things, and or get them cheaper

thanks for your help