800MB CDR Media


I have recently ordered for a Lite-On LTR 40125S. I am looking for some good quality media to go with it. Specifically I am looking for media in the 800MB capacity range. Any suggestions on the brand and where i can get it.


look in the cdfreaks store for media…it is on the mainpage

Are you from India Amol ???

Where are you from ???

If you are from Mumbai, there is only one brand available in Bombay which I have come across.

Its a 90 min CD-R. Didn’t see any 99 min CD-R in Bombay.

Sorry, I don’t remember the name. Will post here when I find out.

Amol, CompUSA makes 99 min CD-Rs - Gold/Green (Cyanine/Azo) type discs, should be available online.

Of course, depends on your location. Have not seen any other BRANDED stuff yet. Some unbranded types are available from some UK online shops.

I think the Brand name of 90-min CD-Rs in Mumbai are “Infiniti”.

Not sure though.

cocobongo772002, could you provide a link to where you found the 99min discs at CompUSA? I’ve been trying to find a local shop that carries 90 and above blanks for a while now.

Sorry the brand name is not infiniti its “Sprint”

Anyone knows where i can get 99 mins in Bombay/Mumbai.

Go to Lamington Road,to this place called Cassette World

Anyone knows where i can get 99 mins in Bombay/Mumbai

It is bang opposite the Police Station.They seem to have >80 minute discs, but they are pretty expensive.

Thanks Bhairav. I’ll go there as soon as possible.