anyone can send me this file?




What is the benefit of this:

to change a philips dvdrw to benq dw800a and later to benq dw822a and dw830a

word of warning, don’t upgrade from 822a to 830a. Only go to the 822a since the firmware for dual-layer will be coming out officially for this drive. There is currently no way to reverse an 800a at 830a and tests have indicated that it is not reliable with d/l media. You’ll also lose the 8 mb buffer since the 830a only comes with a 2 mb buffer.
Speaking from experience.

Has any Philips user tried this package? I wonder if it really works…

No doubt it works fine.
There are many case reports in Taiwan early this year.
It’s a public secret here.


Can you please provide a link to this case reports? I’m thinking about getting a Philips because it’s pretty cheap, but the firmware support from benq seems to be better.

here you are, but there are all Chinese threads.


In one of these threads someone mentioned a Philips DVDRW8401. I couldn’t find much info about this drive. Maybe a OEM version? I want to buy the Philips DVDRW824. Has someone who owns this drive tried with latest Benq firmware?

Their(Philips/BenQ) firmware are switchable. Simply answer, right?


Unfortunately the downloads on the links do not work. Can anyone post other links or send the modding-file to me via e-mail?

Please pm me, if you got this file.

Thanks in advance!



P/W: dvdpro.club.st

Anyone who want this file can PM me.


Thanks for the link. The download is working now.

But I still got a question:
If I flash the philips writer with this tool, do I have to do it everytime with the *.cvs, which are available in the downloadfile?
Or will I be able to do a normal firmwareupgrade with Benq-firmwares?

In other words: Is there a difference between those firmwares of the file and the ones from BenQ, or is it just the flashing tool?


would be great if someone can send me the 800A@philips_package.rar too. are there tests with such modded drives?

my email adress: _beast_@web.de

check out the unofficial benq firmware site, its the first thread in this forum. it should have all you need. grab the windows flasher and the latest 822 cvt file then flash to latest fw b3ic from benq site.

well there stands how to change a 800a into a 822a but not how to turn a 800a in a philips…

All you need is the Philips firmware .cvt File (Version P3.3). Yes. It works. I’ve done it twice already.
But why? :confused: The 822A Firmware is much better! :cool:

i got errormessages in nero with the 822 firmware…the philips now works great…only the LED is not blinking while burning, but always green when no disc is in the drive and red when a disc in a drive. while burning its completely off :slight_smile:

thanks :smiley:

thats wierd as many have flashed to 822 firmware with no problems. I doubt its an issue with the firmware. you do realize the 822 dual layer firmware is coming sept 30.