800A@822A Not reading CD-Rom

I have a Benq 800A @ 822A and it will not read CD-Rom, but upon inserting a CD-Rom, the drive spins and then stops, I cannot access the disc in anyway.

I have tried CD-R, CD-Rom, CD-RW and many different firmware and none work.

It reads burns and plays DVD’d great and here is an example of the great burn quality it is giving me (Mage01 Burned @ 8X)

Any ideas??

Maybe you try this:

Write a complete DVD+RW with DATA.

Then try again a CD.

My Benq 800a@822a has the bug (or failure), that it only recognize CD-R after I write to a DVD for some time.
But it detects Original CDs or CD-RW without this work around.


read my reply here:


so search for your bill and flash back … or be happy without cds :slight_smile:

(I’m still waiting for my replace unit…)