800 minute or more to copy a DVD

Hi… recently I got in to a problem with clonedvd and anydvd. When i’m trying to copy a movie now is taking 800 minutes or more to make the dvd files on the harddrive. I tryed to reinstall old versions of clonedvd or anydvd and is still the same. Before the time was like 45 min and now is taking days… Can somebody tell me where i can find the problem???

@ Cristodul,

Suggest checking your IDE channels and ensure they are running in the DMA Mode. The below Web Link will provide information on how to set your IDE Channels to run in the DMA Mode.


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Thank u for the prompt response!!!
I tryed that and when i’m going on primery IDE Channel windows XP is not giving me the posibility to change the settings in Advance Tab!

I’m open for other sugestions!