800 MB CD's

Hello! The question is very easy: How can I burn a 800 MB data CD using Nero? I have a (approx.) 750 MB file to burn. But there is no way that Nero recognizes 800 MB CD’s. It will always tell me that it is a 700 MB one, and therefore cannot burn it.

My info:
Win XP Pro SP2
Athlon XP 1700+

Any help appreciated. Regards to all. :bow:

Start - Nero Burning Rom - New CD (No Multisession)

File - Preferences - Register Card “Expert Preferences” - [x] Disc-at-Once Overburning activated - Maximum CD Length: 92 Min - OK

Then, drop the file you want to burn - Symbol “Burn”

Write Speed (i would recommend 8x)
Close CD [x]

Then a Message appears - press OK

(The translation is from my german language version, maybe the options sounds a little bit different from mine :wink: )

Thanks a lot for the help…but it didn’t work…
By the way, I’m in Germany too. But we can continue writing in English. My German is not so good as yours, since I’m a Cuban. :smiley:

Oh…sorry…Now I saw that you are in Austria and not in Germany… :bigsmile:

What is this tool for? I have never heard of it before…

Hm… maybe because i missed one but very important detail:

You have to choose Write Method: Disc-at-Once

maybe this was the mistake, let me know if it has worked with this option, you have also to follow the steps in my first post :wink: