80 Wire Cable Needed?...also "flash" query

Save me please. After 2 weeks of angst , researching DVD writers …finally gave in and just went out to buy the Pioneer DVR710B.

  1. I read fine print (at a red light on way home) that 80 wire cable is needed!
    Not even checked yet, but sure the cables in my HPa250e are 40 wire.
    Did I read that there is a 40 pin / 80 wire cable out there? That couldn’t
    work the same as an 80 wire can it?

  2. I also read that this drive can be “flashed” to work get bitsetting like the
    DVR711 model. True ??

  3. Are all 16X drives going to require 80 wire cables.?

80 wire - no exception!

  1. IDE cables stated as being Ultra 66/100/133 or words to that effect are 40pin/80wire cables which is mandatory for the Pioneer drives.

Whenever 80wire is mentioned it means 40pin/80wire.

  1. Not all 16x burners require 40pin/80wire cables but an increasing number of new burners do.

Even if you have a burner that doesn’t need this it’s a very good idea to use quality 40pin/80wire cables.

Clarify , please. Is it just a matter of cable replacement , if mine is 40wire / 40 pin??
And have you heard of the “flashing” of 710B to get bitsetting capable, like 711 model.?

Yes, the 80 conductor cables still use 40 pin IDE connectors, you pull the old one out, and put the new one in.

Your drive is just a retail packaging of the DVR-111D as we recall. It will behave just like any other DVR-111D drive.

Pioneer firmwares for the 111 auto-bitset, they are not user configurable. Depending on what media you want book typing to what setting you’ll need to pick an appropriate firmware. If you want it to behave differently than it does now then you would need to use the Buffalo OEM firmwares.

Brother Vlad

I’m also looking at the same drive - here is the FAQ from Pioneer website :

  1. What type of ribbon cable should be use to connect the drive to a PC?
    • There are two types of ribbon cables normally available: a standard 40 conductor cable, and a UDMA 80 conductor cable. Pioneer recommends the UDMA 80 conductor type of cable for proper performance of the DVR-111D or the DVR-710 drive.

Not sure why the question really. This whole thread has been saying exactly as Pioneer suggests, maybe the use of UDMA 80 conductor has been confusing. This is exactly the same type of cable we’ve been talking about here.