80 wire cable, but still can't burn past 12x



I have a HP 754N (P4 2.53 about 2.5 years old) and am trying to burn at 16X on a BenQ1620. I get great burns and quality scans at 12x, but as soon as the recording speed goes over 12.4x the device buffer drops to below 30% and fluctuates between 30%-85% until the end of the disc. The burner also slows to about 10x when this happens until the end of the disc. It takes over 7 min to burn at 16x. I just made sure that it is on a 80 wire cable and DMA2 mode.

Any other ideas to check out would be greatly appreciated.


Please, don’t give us tooooooooooooo much information :slight_smile:


Should be DMA mode 4, and i would stick with 12x if i was you the difference is only seconds.


What els would yo like to know. I’m not too sure what would help, or how to find the info yo need. Thank you for the attitude.


well for a start what type of media are you burning to and what software are you using? as this will help alot of people out so they can help you quicker. to find out media use dvd idenifier and gave us the information on what make they are e.g media code. sounds like they cant burn higher than 12x or maybe your hard drive is having trouble keeping up. you will have to stat your pc spec as this will help us all to solve your problem. DMA 2 is fine and it doesnt matter on the 80wire cable at all and wont fix your problem. px


It happens on genuine Tayio Yuden +R and -R 8x media. (All that I have). As for software, it happens in both NERO and DVDDecryper (both latest versions). Hard drives are a new Western digital 250GB with 8mb cache on an 90wire cable set at UDMA5 set as master and a WD 120 set as slave also at UDMA5 on the primary channel. I have 2 Benq 1620’s on secondary master and slave both set at DMA2. This device buffer problem happens on both burners burning image files from eith hard drive using either program. I am wondering if the motherboard is just not up to snuff.


Computer is a Pentium 4 2.53GHz by the way.


Whoa…90-conductor cable… :smiley:

Are these new Benq drives with only a few burns on them? I’ve encountered the same symptom when I first got my Benq, when using YUDEN000T02 through Nero or CopyToDVD. Once you’ve burned a handful of these media types, it has learned about how to write them, and will ramp up to 16x at the end. These were the observations that I saw, since I was also disappointed when either program only burned at 12x PCAV when other people were getting 16x CAV. But now, I’m able to burn up to 16x every time with either program.

If you are trying to burn the same data with both burners simultaneously, it’s possible that the program sets the 12x speed to prevent buffer underrun. Smaller and defragmented hard drive partitions would help with speed too.


Run CD-DVD Speed 3.61 Create Data Disc tests and post the results here. Also include media information using DVD Identifier. Run Disk Quality Test tests on BenQ DW1620 and 3.61 CD-DVD Speed.

From Task Manager, close all programs and processes that use CPU power that you don’t need right now. Set the CPU priority to high or real-time for CD-Speed and Nero Burning Rom (or any other recording software you are going to use.) Disconnect from internet and turn off virus-scan software and other things.

Also try to run defragmentation software. Re-partition one of the two HDDs which is not used for OS partition and let it have at least one partition for storing files for DVD recording and then use the files stored in that partition for tests and real backups.

Use only the best blank media for tests and when you are unsure. Try different speeds and then compare the results among them.