80 v. 74 minutes cd-r's


Anyone have a take on this?
Is this a case of being overly fretful?

Looks like an ancient article to me ive personally never come across 550Mb cdr’s myself, in this day and age if you want good quality cdr’s you cant do any better than some Taiyo Yuden (80 min) cdr’s.

Hehe, that HTML 3.2 checkmark at the bottom of the page is a dead giveaway.

Yep that’s definitely dated, I’ve never even seen a 63 minute (550MB) CD-R. Note that the article doesn’t even mention 80 min CD-R’s, it’s just talking about the “evils” of those new fangled super high capacity 74 min CD-R’s in comparison with the old tried and trusted 63 min media. Wow that has to be out of date.

I guess there is a general principle there that is probably still relevent. The higher capacity a CD-R then the tighter the spiral density and the less tolerenace for errors. Personally though I’ve never had any problem with longevity of good quality CD-R, both 74min and 80min discs seem to be very reliable if you buy decent media. Maybe it’s relevent to the current 90min and 99min CD-R’s though, I’m sure their tolerences and compatibilty is somewhat compromised compared to the standard 74 and 80 min varieties.

I still have and use 550MB/63min CD-Rs. Since these discs have a faster linear velocity (1.4m/s) they produce very good quality. I also had some 71min CD-Rs (620 MB) which still are used for Sony PS games (Sony PS Games should only be developed on 71Min/620MB discs since the specification for MAster discs for PS games is 620MB at a linear velocity of 1.25m/s). TDKs 620MB/71Min discs where the official Master discs for Sega Saturn games. It is said that when linear velocity is 1.25m/s or faster the best results can be expected. Btw Yamaha Audio Master uses a faster linear velocity when using AM. So with 550 and 620MB Discs you have same or better results as with MA.

I still have and use 550MB/63min CD-Rs

Where do you get them from koba, I’ve never even seen them. Are they still available or have you just kept some old stock?

I have an old stock of TDK media from the old days.
Here some Pics:

Does anybody know of anywhere that I can still get hold of 74 minute cds? I have a couple of players that will not play 80 minute cds - one is a pc 6-cd autochanger, the other is a Phillips CD-i player. Neither of these will play the ‘new’ 80 minute cds, so I really need to find some 74s. 74 minute CD-RWs are no good either - neither player will work with re-writables.

Hi Hezza1506, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

This is an International forum with members all over the world, so it’s difficult to give you meaningful answers to that question, as long as we don’t know where you live.

Could you please tell us which country you live in?
And perhaps state or city?

In Greece, Disc Impex is still selling 650 MB 48x Taiyo Yuden CD-R.
In Japan, you can find 650 MB 32x Taiyo Yuden media even at amazon.co.jp.
I think MAM-A also still makes 650 MB CD-R media sold in the US as Ultradisc.
In any other country you’re out of luck, I think.

One friend of mine is going to Greece in a few weeks and might return to Germany with some 650 MB CD-R… :slight_smile:

I join the gang in the opinion that the issue described in this article is outdated. :iagree:

You’ll find plenty of old, obsolete technical papers and articles on the net. Anything about optical media issues that is more than 3-4 years old is to be met with suspicion. Not counting things that uninformed (though mostly honest) people keep on repeating without ever verifying by themselves, like “the slower the burning speed the better the burning quality”.

There is no drawback, nowadays, in using 80mn CDRs, unless you have a very old 8X CD burner. Don’t even bother searching for 74mn CDRs. Better buy a good dedicated CD burner, or a DVD burner that does a great job at burning CDRs (LG, NEC). :cool:

Hezza1506> I can only say that 650MB Discs are still produced. But as others have stated before it seems that they are not sold in some countries.
Makers/Brands still selling 650MB discs are: Maxell, TDK, Sony, TY, Verbatim/Mitsubishi, Fuji, Mitsui (MAMA), Victor/JVC and Imation.

For Dutch FOlks I can still say that sometimes 74 min/650mb disc’s show up.
I would say search well and you can find them.

Prices can got any way. Some stores like to dump them while others think there really speciall these days and ask sky high prices for it ! (Knowing one store myself who has still some Taiyo yuden 74 min 8x Philips cd-r’s for 2 euro a piece !)

For the rest of europe.(and quite some other places arround the world :-P) Well if price doesn’t matter you can use.

MFSL ultradisc gold (made by mam) for 5,79 euro a piece.

I still have some Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s 650 mb (Ceramatic Coated Emtec ones to be exact !) :cool:

And yes the article is old. THings have improved much !!

Another option at feurio is this
There audio 74 min disc’s but could be used for data as well.

dakhaas> what you still get the 8x TY CD-Rs??? Wow, if I only could be able to buy em over here… I would buy the hole lot…

Ehh… I want to go to NL!
I know that looking at department stores instead of specialized electronics stores can help, because they often have old stock. But not THAT old stock!!
If anybody wanted to buy some of my YUDEN000 T01 I would ask sky high prices for them, but I would be glad to be able to sell them to get more media!

Well let me say this 2 weeks ago you could still get MITSUI 8x GOLD 650mb 25 pcs for 5 euro at iwonatec. Which delivers also to germany. Clearing there stock.
THey are offcourse no longer there. (No I didn’t buy them, I did thought about it but I have still to much cd-r’s arround)

And I also still have some YUDEN000T01 Samsung (good bonded ones, The bad I allready threw away. ). And I can still get new YUDEN000T01’s Maxell ones.

And yes I can still get 8x TY’s branded.(150 pcs stock at this moment.)

Infact it seems that I still have access to a lot of weird stuff but in most cases it does have it’s price. Which is the reason why you can still get it.

People don’t like paying (much) more for something that in there eyes looks inferior (lower max writing speed or smaller capacity !)

F**k! :frowning:
Next time you better tell me :wink: It was really cheap.
Either these cities in this area are full of CDfreaks or I just have bad luck… I’ll look more carefully at the shelves from now on! It’s odd though, I would have paid € 25 for 25 Mitsui Gold MIJ… :frowning:

It seems that finding rare media is much more difficult than finding free beer, as Froogle or similar websites won’t help.
(Okay, they WILL, but their results are maybe 1% of the real stock.)

Mitsui Gold 8x… I would pay 34 Euro for 25pcs of Mitsui Gold…But well over here in Japan there is no death stock available anymore… only way to get such good quality media is over Yahoo auctions but then you have to pay around 60 or more Euro for 25pcs…
Those 8x TYs… if I only could get them over here…my Sony 948S and Plextor PX-W1210TS surely would love those…

Hmm maybe I should buy the Philips TY’s and then resell them. If I buy the complete stock I think a better price could be fixed. :bigsmile:

About Mitsui. Not so sure if it would have been as nice as it seems. Because I remember with the KOdak Gold stock that turned up. A lot of folks were interested because it was supposed to be so good. Well it might have been kodak gold has made some very good media fact is that these turned out to be quite crappy !!