80 pin connector is worse than 40 pin?

My query on this is buried at the end of some other post, but basically I’m responding to this quote I came across:

i did the same as mentioned on Nec web site: don’t use use a 80 pins IDE wire but a 40 pins IDE wire,

If this is true, this is a huge revelation and we should all check our cables.

Why would it be true? Do others agree with this? Where is the official NEC thread?

I use a 80 pins IDE without problems, my drives are LiteOn (don’t know the exact name) plextor premium, nec 2500a, yamaha crw-f1

Some of this drives are more than 3 years in use and i never had problems with 80 pins IDE, maybe i am lucky but i don’t think that a 40 pin is better than a 80 pin…

don’t use a 80 pins IDE wire but a 40 pins IDE wire


I was able to find 40/vs 80 pin cable reference here… on NEC site… as well as some other good troubleshooting steps

I use only 80-pin cables and have never had a problem.

In fact, I’ve seen other people on the forums recommend trying 80-pin cables to improve performance.

Both cables have 40 pins, you mean 80 conductors (with 40 of them being a ground only to act as an electrical shield, they do not carry anything.). I use the 80 conductor UDMA 66/100/133 cables for everything.

I’m also using 80 conductor UDMA cables with all my internal optical drives.
Replacing an old 40 conductor cable with a new 80 conductor cable has solved issues for many people on these boards.


With that statement they want to be sure, that people don’t connect the writer to UDMA66/100/133 PCI-storage-controllers (that only come with 80wire cable). Technically there is no reason why one should not take 80wire cable!


OMG, I did use “pins” in my post, didn’t I? Oops. Wasn’t paying much attention. :o

the only thing an 80 wire cable does is provide “insulation” agains cross-talk in high speed (udma-4 or 5) situations. since data will never flow at that rate to a dvd burner an 80 wire cable is not needed. but it will not harm anything.

i got in a bit of a discussion some months ago when i tried to explain that there is not much chance that it would make a different to an optical drive what type of cable but was shouted down…