80 min media. help



can I burn 80 min. on an 80 min cd with an HP 8200i using Adaptec Easy CD Creator ver. 3.5b? Can someone recommend a site that sells em and a particular brand? Thanks for all help, sorry I'm a newbie


No you can’t, the Hp8100 (so the 8200 probably also) can only burn up to 780, after that it can’t finalize the disc…

+EZCD can’t burn them either, use the Deluxe version or another program like Nero…

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I’ve got an HP7500 (don’t laugh)
Using Nero would I have any trouble using 80 min CD’s?


The HP doesn’t support 80min cdr’s.

Adaptec EZ CD Creator doesn’t support
them also.



Well excuse me.
I’ve got an HP7200i, and i can burn up to
80 min, even with EZcd creator.

grtz Ruud

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With the old HP series like 7100/7200 no probs with 80 min CDR, but with the newones you have problems.
Only solution, sell that HP writer.
OK you lose some money, but after a while, you regret that you ditn’t sell him earlier.
(I had a HP8100 for a month, one month to long) Than buy a SCSI Yamaha or Plextor.
I think that many people agree with this.