80 min CD's on a HP 7500?



There was some didcution on this subject, but I am still confused.
Is there anyone with an HP 7500 that has tried to use 80min CD’s?


I used to have a HP7200 (philips 3660)
and I was able to burn 80 minutes cd’s with firmware 3.01 without a problem.

Offcourse you need the right soft to do it.
Adaptec couldn’t do it. Cdrwin does, nero does, winoncd does it too I think.


I expect I’ll be using nero. Now all I need to do is find a place that sells them.


Yeah I burned one of those 800 Meg cdr’s…worked fine…only thing is that those CDR’s can only be read by a cd r drive…

there is no standard cd rom compatability with those cdr’s


“those CDR’s can only be read by a cd r drive”

Well that kinda sucks considering that burners are no where as fast as regular CD-Rom’s and any FMV and cenimas and speach and stuff will probolly be glitchy.


Have you been able to use your 7500 to back up a psx game? If so, can you let me know how you did it.


First of all: for all your copy software go to www.cdrsoft.net ! (I think this is sayed enough now!) With the right software and firmware you can burn those 80 min.!
I ‘always’ use Nero and CloneCd! But for PSX I now use WinOnCd! Try it yourself!
C Ya!


I’ve burned 80min - 700mb CD’s w/Nero - cdrwin - and adaptec =NO Problems= No problem with any readers either.(acer, NEC, Sony, Creative DvD)

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“those CDR’s can only be read by a cd r drive”

the 700mb/80min cdrs work fine in any cd-rom drive, or cd player for that matter…work on my car stereo (these are the memorex 80mins…havent tried any other brand)


I’ve had real good luck with ‘Nashua’ And ‘Smart& Friendly’s’ 80min 700Mb CD-R The SAF seems to be a thicker disc and a bit more durable…


If you use CDRWin, you should have no problems. 80 minute CDs burned with both of my HP drives could be read anywhere, including on regular old CD players.


Message to Mental Beaver if look on the forum under the troubleshooting section you’ll find a post called ‘Dino Bloody Crisis’ my reply should help you with back ups.

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