80 Min Cdr Help

my first post here and probably an obvious answer but here goes i have 2 hours of live music on my pc that i would like to burn on to an 80 min cd-r is this possible and if yes how do i do it as i dont want to split it onto 2 cds as its a live cd with no break in play thanks for any help if this is a possibility.

Probably not. Audio CDs don’t compress the music, so theres no way to reduce quality so it’ll fit on the one disk. As such you’ve got 120min of audio to put into 80min of space. Think you’re going to have to edit it down or take the plunge and split it, sorry.

The only way it could be done is my converting to MP3, which is fine if you can play mp3 on your selected player.

yeah that would be alright i have them in mp3 format already do you know how i can get each of them onto an 80 min cd thanks or is there software i need.

To just burn an Mp3 CD all you need to do is convert them to Mp3 format and burn onto a disk using nero or equivalent. It will be far less than 700Mb.

yes my file is 165mb 2 hours of music in mp3 format… how do i fit that onto an 80 min cdr with it being 120 mins of music in mp3 format. i used windows movie maker last night and just cut it back to 76 mins and it burned ok but i would like the full 2 hours on a cdr but when i try to burn it using nero it says the cd isnt big enough or something similiar. any advice or software i need would be great if i could get this done as i have 3 music files all live music which i dont want to have to cut like i said above.

thanks in advance anyone who can help me out with this

I think you are getting confused here. The 80mins refers to how much audio you could store on the disc when burned as an audio CD (or I guess roughly how much in uncompressed wav files). If you want to burn the same music which you already have in compressed MP3 format (165MB) it will easily fit on the disc (about four times over in fact). The difference is whether you want to burn the info on the disc as compressed data (MP3) or .cda (CD audio format) which is uncompressed and thus larger in size.

The thing you have to consider is that if you burn it as compressed MP3, then you cannot play it directly on a standard CD player e.g. ghetto blaster or car stereo. (Some fancy CD players can play MP3 burned on a data disc directly but not many and you have to check about this.)

Hope this helps.