80 min (700 MB) CD-Rs / CD-RWs and 40125w

Can anybody suggest any good 80 min CD-Rs and CD-RWs for my LiteOn 40125w?
By the way, are TDK 's d-View CD-Rs any good?

Look into my signature, you’ll find a TDK d-View 12x scan there. It’s bad…

Judge for yourself whether it’s good or bad !

ATIP start of lead in: -02:35:74 (sector: -11699)
ATIP start of lead out: 74:43:00 (sector: 336225)
Manufacturer code: 97 24 01 - Taiyo Yuden Company Limited (Type: 1)
Disc subtype: Medium Type A, high Beta category (A+)

I’ve seen these d-views:

12X made by TDK: crap

12X and 16X made by Ritek: average, works up to 24X recording.

I’ve never seen d-View made by Taiyo Yuden! But if you really have Taiyo Yuden, then they’re high quality.

Hm yeah, checked and they were RefleX and not d-views…

TDK Reflex are no crap. They have low c1 error rates after 4 years. But they’re another kind of media that newer LiteOns don’t like.


TDK d-view = Taiyo Yuden’ info is sent to you