80 img files into 1 dvd?

i just downloaded a movie on bit torrent and it came in many RAR files. after i unzipped everything, i ended up with 80 IMG files, which combined is around 8GB. Its only supposed to be 1 movie from 1 DVD disc - how do i burn all 80 into 1 dvd??

I don’t need much imagination to give it a fast :cop:

In case you wonder what Chef is meaning, forum rules forbid to ask help to perform illegal copies of copyrighted material.

Bittorent clearly asks NOT to make any copies of what you download from them.

oh! i see… well i dont really need to make a copy …but how am i supposed to view a .IMG file then?

unless you can prove it was a legal (ie non-commmercial, public domain) movie then you won’t get any help on this forum.

you’ve already evoked suspicion by “downloading movies,” and i apologize if it sounds harsh, but we don’t assist pirates. if your intentions aren’t as such please post back with more info.