80 days is there a protection

:bow: Hi all - my very first post on here - Just a bit of info - is there any protection on the pc version of 80 days thats just been released

Yes its protected with Protect CD 6.Hope this answers your question.

cheers for that is there anyway around this to make a back up copy of the game?

1.Use Alcohol to make an image using the VOB Protect Cd V5 data type make sure you have DPM Precision to high and have a read spead of about 4-12 also set DPM read speed to 1.
2.Mount in Daemon tools 4.

Hi syrus
sorry for the late reply - busy xmas and all that
I am ignorant in the backup department - this is the first time I have tried it - Have downloaded alcohol120 and daemon tools - copied both discs to a temp folder through A120 - How do I mount them on to daemon tools?? - any chance of a step by step for the stupid!