8 TDK 48X CD-R's cakebox for $3

Not exactly setting the world on fire, BUT, Family Dollar is now carrying 8 packs of TDK 48X CD-R’s for $3 in a small cake box, which is also handy. I like having a few of these smaller cakeboxes on hand when working on small backup projects. This is also a good source for those that may need a few CD-R’s RIGHT NOW in a pinch.

I haven’t done any quality testing on these, but I can tell you they are CMC Mag, dye type 6 short strat. Highly so-so stuff, but alright for giveaway kinda stuff.

If enough people request it, I will go ahead and burn an actual test disk adn do DAE quality testing on it.


Just a reminder and a bump on this. This is an everyday price as well.