8 speed on the fly?

Could someone tell me what is the best drive for copying from dvd-r to dvd-r at 8 speed. I have the liteon 167t but its dieing, is there a faster drive than this. Im thinking the aopen 1648 or the NEC 3520A burner???

I’m not sure that any drive is up to this, but any drive that will read at 16x CAV would be your best choice. The problem is that at these speeds, a slowdown of the reading drive due to errors is very likely on many disks. I would copy to HD then burn. If your burner is writing in ZCLV mode, your chances of success are higher.

I do 8x copies on the fly quite a bit with my 166. As long as the disk is clean and all that it usually keeps up just fine as no drive starts out at 8x imediately. If the disk is scratched up or I want to be sure I run it down to the HD first Like Grimes said. You can waste a lot of media trying to do that with a marginal disk. I think any faster you’ll probably need to go to the HD first or hope your underun tech works well. I have tried doing multiples at once and usually one of the drives gets underuns, but the buffer protection usualy saves the burn and it will still work, but not always.
It sounds like the Aopen is now the fastest drive out there if that’s what you want to do.

Ye I have a liteon 167t at the moment that just died, I could do 8 speed with this drive. Sometimes it would take a little longer. 6 speed would even do to be honest. Just reading that bi topic on the aopen and I think ill go for that. Thanks

Hi, bush (Not George W., I presume…)! I have a LiteOn SOHD-167T and an 8x burner, and I can do 8x on-the-fly without any problems. LiteOn reads burned DVDs (both + & -) at 8x (actually, 5.5~8x), and my Toshiba drive burns them at 8x ZCLV (4x-5x-8x). So, if a burned disk is clean and a decent-quality-burn, there shouldn’t be problems, cause LiteOn always reads the disc a bit higher than the burner writes it. Furthermore, I updated the Litey with a patched firmware and raised the reading speed for burned discs to 12x (or is it 10x…nevermind). If your system is fast overall, it should work flawlessly.

Ye I have a liteon 167t and it did work but its starting to die now, rips at 2.3 at the moment and thats with the hacked firmware. I dont really want to get another one.

Maybe you oversped it?! Hacked firmware was available with different speed boosts - I only used the moderate speed increase: DVD-R from 8x to 12x (16x is possible), and DVD9 from 8x to 10x (12 is possible). At higher speeds than these, the drive would slow down often. Higher constant reading speeds for burned discs would only be possible if these discs are of very high quality. For average burned discs, I think 10x~12x is maximum. Maybe if you flash the drive again, perhaps choosing 10x10x setting?

I use NEC 3500a as 8x on the fly source.