8 processors for the mass; Clovertown is finally here


E5310 is selling for a little more than 60,000 Japanese Yen, not so expensive considering it’s basically two Woodcrest processors assembled into one package. At just 1.6GHz, it’s much slower than Kentsfield 2.66GHz, and the other Clovertown-based processors cost much more.

At newegg.com, I found a Yonah core-based Celeron M 410 for just US$53.99 including 3-day free shipping. It seems like the most cost-effective processor for the mass while Clovertown must be the first 8-processor solution for the mass. Two E5310 plus a 771-pin 2-CPU processor motherboard plus two 512MB RAM modules plus a PCI-based i-RAM card with 4GB DDR-SDRAM plus a PSU and all the other things needed to run a PC/server still cost just under US$2,000.