8 mm film to dvd - can you help me?

I have loads of 8 mm film to convert to dvd. Do any of you have suggestions or experience. I’m not looking to re-invent the wheel here.

I need to select a video camera, and software for editing.

I am also curious if any of you have converted video (saved in DV format) to DVD. I ask this because I am considering getting a video camera that saves in DV, but am not familiar with what the output needs to be so I can convert to a hi-res picture for good viewing on a hi res tv.

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To give you a brief answer, go with a DV cam, tyen it is quite easy to follow the rest of the steps to input into the PC from FireWire.

I recommend TMPGEnc Plus for this task to encode later on, and if you have Adobe Premiere or Adobe Premiere Pro for capture from the DV cam, you can make some awesome DVD’s out of your 8mm.

Just remember to run the blank DV tape through once to set a time code, and that it can only hold like 1hr 2min 36sec.

Thanks to both of you.

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