8 gig pny flashdrive/.iso file



I recently purchased an 8 gig pny flashdrive and I’m trying to copy an .iso file onto it that is 4.26gig. This iso was created by dvdshrink to be burnt with imgburn. The drive is empty but for some reason when i try to move the .iso to it i get an error that the drive is full, when i click rety, i get an error saying there is not enough room on the drive.

Just wondering what i’m doin wrong and what a solution would be…thanks in advance


Most flash drives are formated in Fat32 that limits files size to 4gb, reformat it to ntfs and try it.


thanks for the reply…how do i reformat? i right clicked on the drive and a window comes up that capacity, file system, and default allocation size. It is indeed formatted for fat32, but when i click on the dropdown tab this is the only option, no ntfs.


What OS are you using?


windows xp


Do you know someone that has vista?


i have vista on my laptop


http://www.ntfs.com/quest22.htm This is the fix for XP


You can use the FORMAT command from a Command Prompt to format your drive to NTFS.

Let’s say your flash drive is named E:

The following command would format your flash drive using the NTFS format:


You can also convert from FAT32 to NTFS if you have lots of files on the drive that you want to keep (although copying them somwhere else and then copying them back after formatting might be faster):


EDIT: You may have to optimize for performance first, like in the procedure linked by ~Jethro~


found it, formatting now, and ill see if it will take the .iso

i found some info here http://www.online-tech-tips.com/computer-tips/format-usb-ntfs/ and followed the instructions


following these instructions worked great…thanks for the help Jethro and Drage, much appreciated!!!