8 cm. CDs



Recently I acquired a Philips Expanium 401 MP3/AAC CD player. Unfortunately I did not realize that it does not use the larger CDs but rather the 8 cm. disc. The instructions manual speaks of downloading either MP3 or AAC format from the internet then burning these files on blank CDs. My CD burner’s tray do not hold an 8 cm. disc, however. Since I have very little monetary investment in this device I will not be all that unhappy if I am able to burn CDs for it, but it would be nice to do so if possible.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated.



Are you sure that your burner does not have an ‘inner’ ring in the tray? Most of them do have this so they can support 8 cm CDs.


You are SO CORRECT, Jucius Maximus, about the “inner ring.” You have really made my day. At least I did one thing correct - I posted my question on the Newbie Forum because that’s precisely what I am, A NEWBIE.

Seriously, thank you very much,



Hey, I’m glad that you’re now in business!