8 bit reading

My question is like in the topic? Is there any way to read from the CD in 8 bit system.That is directly from (14 + 3) to 8 modulation (EFM) without any unscrambling and all the stuff.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Directly from the output of the 14 to 8 conversion, before error correction ? Not from outside any drive, exept maybe some laboritory workstations… I don’t know if there is a point on the board inside drives where the data would pass and you could capture it with an acquisition device…

Yes it could bethe output before the error correction or after, I just would like to know if that operation would be possible on most CDROM drives.As all modern drives are MMC-xx maybe thay have an unique command that could do that -> maybe something related to the firmware.

No, it’s not possible.

One of my friends tells me that that is possble -> probabli he is trying to make me angry :a Still are there any firmware experts on this forum / or maybe someone knows such a person?

What would be the point of doing that?

Maybe new protections will use that, better understanding of drive , and a simple curious (sorry for spelling).I’ll keep on trying to reach someone that will be able to help me.

Ok, enough. New protections will not use this
because it is not_possible. Note, this is not
the same as “I don’t know if it’s possible” or
“I don’t know how to do it”, it means you cannot
do it at all. And since you want to learn about
drives, I suggest you get chipset datasheets
from a few manufacturers and convince yourself
on this.

Thank OK.Could You post any links than…