8.50 (Buffalo) out



Comes with a kernel file, check here:



BIG THX @ chef :bow: :bow:


Thank Buffalo. :wink:


Thats true. :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you test it yet?


I flashed my drive without any problems, but didn’t burn yet. I’m going to test it maybe this weekend.


Hi chef, is rpc1.org down? Have you got any news? thx :wink:


Same here. :sad:



Wicked News! What What! Flash Time!


8.50 (Buffalo) have limit max speed(8x,CDR24X)? :a


True, it’s actually down.
Hopefully up soon. :bow: :bow: :bow:


I can still choose 16x on my Verbatim DVD+R 16x


Speed is limited because you have a CD or DVD in your drive. Take it out and then try nero info tool to see that everything is fine (that worked for me :slight_smile: )


It’s been down since Monday Night (as far as I can tell). I’ve been dying to download DVRupdate_v0.9.zip but unfortunately every place that mentions it on the net links to the rpc1.org site. So all of the domains for rpc1.org are down.

Argh! :frowning:


atrac pm with email and i shall send :slight_smile:


Now that Mr. Brownstone has helped me out getting DVRupdate (THANKS!), I need to ask a really stupid question. Now I’ve got 8.50 firmware on my DVR-109 and I was expecting to be able to change bitsetting through Nero It still don’t have the option in advanced properties. Do I need some kind of Buffalo software to do it?

I read this thread over really quick and didn’t really pay attention to the details (gee, does it show?).

Also, did rpc1.org forget to pay their bill? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance.


thank bumboy erm… i mean humeboy :slight_smile: for DVRupdate as he sent it me in the first place, as for the bitsetting issue its auto bitsetting as far as im aware.


atrac, as Mr. Brownstone stated, this firmware does autobitsetting, so you don’t have the choice to change it. It’s always DVD-ROM for all +R media.


Cool…that works for me. Not sure why I’d ever need DVD+R media to show up as that. :wink:


Just to add, the direct link for DVRUpdate:
(link in the 4tht post)