8-10x DVD+R DL (MKM 003) at newegg.com, 5 for $16, free shipping



Verbatim 8.5GB 8X DVD+R DL 5 Pack Jewel Case Branded Disc up to 10X with Compatible High Speed DVD+R DL Drives

This is MKM 003 media that will be burned at 10x in Plextor PX-755(S)A, PX-760(S)A and LG GSA-H10N.

May not qualify as a bargain at $3.20 each, but with free shipping to 48 states it’s a much better price than $5.20 a piece [+shipping] at Best Buy… so I don’t know, it might entice some to try the latest in DL media.


Oh yeah, and the screenshot…

Newegg’s discounted prices don’t last long. Inevitably, there are going to be unbelievers on Monday. :slight_smile:


how much better are these discs comparing to MKM001??? Because I was able to burn MKM 001 at 8X with very good result on benQ 1640, 96 to 97 QS and the price is almost half of the MKM 003 if the MKM 001 goes on sale.


the way i see it, this is a great price for those that want to experiment. personally, I’m a value person…I’ll let everyone else waste their money and post scans before I decide. until then I"ll use my MKM 001s :slight_smile:


lol i aggree :bigsmile:


I doubt that you will get much better than that with the MKM 003. Of course the PIF/PIE, ect. might be more variable. I agree that for testing purposes that this is a good deal. However, I am with the majority in the fact that I get good results at 6x on the MKM 001 discs and they cost half as much when on sale. All depends on whether or not you have the cash to spare for testing.


You will get significantly lower PIE/PIF average on MKM003 compared to MKM001.


I just tried to order these & they’re out of stock.

I need to get some by the begining of july. How often do the MKM001’s go on sale?


I say at least once a month in Best Buy with the 20 pks. Matter of fact they are on sale right now at $40 per 20 pack til tomorrow.


Faq me dead!
In Oz, everywhere is still demanding $5-6 (US$4.5) per disc for the 2.4x rated discs … or the 4x*->* (over-speed in some burners) MKM001’s.

I’ve never even seen an MKM002 or MKM003, or a cheap MKM001 for that matter.


Where is Chas when we needed him, he loves experimenting on new media.
it is good to see new media to become abundant, that means that it will drive down the price of older generagion media.


missed it, drat, thanks anyway.

I did find a 8x verbatim 10 pack for $26.99 with free shipping.
I live in the boonies so it’s stapels or the internet for me.


didn’t miss it , just had a brain fart

order placed, thanks!


Again on weekend sale, down one dollar to USD 15, free shipping.


I was at Sams club the other day and saw three ten packs of Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4X for 59.99.


almost over 2 yrs since DL disc launched, but the price drop so slowly comparing to SL disc. I did not see a drastic price drop in DL discs at all.


Best Buy has just lowered the prices: the above 5-pack true 8x to USD 18 and the 20-pack 2.4x (advertised as 8x) to USD 50. These seem to be permanent prices and not sale prices. At least they are not marked as sale prices.


I agree. I too plan to wait for posted scans.



Good to know on those 20 packs. I just can’t wait for another newegg special on the 10 packs though.


I bought a 5 pack of these despite the high price for testing. I burned with my NEC ND-3550a 1.06 at 8x and scanned with my BenQ DW1640.

I usually get around a 95 with MKM 001. Maybe the strategy is not optimized yet, but I’ll stick with MKM 001 for now.