Hang problem



Hey -

Today, I was ripping from DVD to Ipad and I encountered the following issues when using the Ipad profile:

After a fresh install, when ipad default was selected DVDFab would crash. :Z

To avoid the crash, I would have to manually select Ipad h264 profile, and the movie would rip, but hang when at 100% without the ‘process completed successfully’ message. I would then have to hit the cancel button, and then the destination folder with the completed file would then appear. I would also have to hit the finish button after this happened to return the the rip menu.

I was curious to see if anyone else was seeing these issues.

Win 7 64 bit, Long time DVDFab user.



Hi shootsbooz

You did not mention whether you are using the 1 pass or the two pass, however please try changing your A/V Codec setting in common settings.



Single pass, and I ditched the CUDA.


[QUOTE=shootsbooz;2558880]Single pass, and I ditched the CUDA.[/QUOTE]

So are you using DXVA or software ? also is your issue resolved now ?


No – I just returned from vacation (8 days), and DVDFab was still running on my PC! Clicked the cancel button, and the movie folder appeared. This happens with ‘batch’ jobs and only happens with certain movies previously ripped from DVD by DVDFab. In some cases, it works fine, but 50% of the time it does not.

My process:

  1. Copy DVD to External HD using DVDFab (DVD Copy / Main Movie)
  2. Resultant files are not an iso but are folders (Audio/Video TS) on my HD
  3. Rip form DVD Folders to ipad using h264 profile (with multiple movies at a time) using Fab
  4. During the rip to ipad the process hangs at 100% until I hit cancel
  5. The destination folder and file appear (windows) after I hit cancel and the process continues for the next file which most likely will hang at 100% until the user cancels the process using Fab

From FAB: (all of my options are set to ‘Software’)

Graphics Chipset :
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS

CUDA Driver Version: 3.20
CUDA Capability revision number: 1.0

Supported Video Codecs :

CoreAVC : cannot be detected.