7x dots why?

i have a problem with my alcohol version 1.9.2 B. 1705
a picture could show it better…

why the hell is there that dotline at 7x??? at every speed there is that line and i couldnt see the graph higher as you see… why?? sombody could help?? :bow:

nobody could help???

could you please email the screenshot to support_team@alcohol-soft.com
and please quote this thread

now i wait :wink:

on the same day i got a e-mail with the following context:

Hello xxxx, the Dotlines are just there for referance, regarding the Graph not going higher i have just tested with my 3500 using 8x Blank Media which can be written with 12x and i get a simular Graph but i will check up with our R & D Team on it.
Thank you for your Question concerning our Software.

Best Regards
Alcohol Soft Support Team

so they are working on it…:wink: