7gb dvd data on 4.3 gb disk

NB----> first post here----->how can i get an dvd MDS image to burn to an 4.5gb disc, or can i some how dt it to burn to hard?

Is it a DVD-Video? Then extract it via DVDDecrypter or something and shrink it using DVD Shrink.

this is data dvd and not video correct? just wanna make sure i got it right , anyway if your burner supports DL (Dual Layer) discs then just buy some , otherwise you can mount the image on a virtual cdrom like daemon tools/magicdisc and copy all the data to the hard drive , and burn it to 2 SL (Single Layer) DVD’s , but it all depends on what type of data exactly were talking about , naturally that if its a software/game with an installer then splitting it might not work properly (installer wont find some files,wont prompt you for their location)

"easterbunny"yes it is an game with an installer.can i get it to work off the harddrive…

From the way this discussion is unfolding, I doubt that this is a legally-acquired copy of a game. This thread is closed.

@pl3asur3man: You can PM me with the details, and if it’s legit then the thread will be reopened.