7DayShop 64GB USB3 Swivel flash drive review

I just posted the article 7DayShop 64GB USB3 Swivel flash drive review.

While large store-brand flash drives is nothing new, what caught our attention is its USB3 capability, usually only available on premium branded flash drives. This flash drives claims 80MB read & 35MB/s write, so how does it perform? Find out in the review.

Click to read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/review/7dayshop-64gb-usb3-swivel-flash-drive-review-63835/](http://www.myce.com/review/7dayshop-64gb-usb3-swivel-flash-drive-review-63835/)

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Price is ~ 30 UKBP’s… or about $45-$49… about $10 priced under a majoirty of the market for usb 3 drives. Somehow I think the rest of the market will catch up to this pricing in the next 3-6mo. As I’ve said, I suspect 128gb drives are around the corner… they’ve just been waiting for right timing (holiday).

That’s an excellent review Seán and it’s amazing how well that drive performs given how cheap it is.

I think I feel another purchase coming on. :bigsmile:


Not a half bad drive for a brand I’d not heard of! Looks pretty sexy as well :bigsmile:

@Wombler - so do I, if I can find a B&M store that stocks 'em :wink:

Thanks for the great review Seán :flower: